Serving is more than a word.



Military Outreach USA

3020 Milwaukee Avenue

Northbrook, IL 60062


Copyright 2017



We empower like-minded organizations that do or want to do good work among the Military Community in their communities with tools, resources and programs to serve.


Serving can be providing Veterans in need with move-in-essentials, food, clothing and much more.


It is easy to become a Partner with Military Outreach USA in serving the Military Community. There is no cost or obligation except that as a Partner you help when you have the ability to do so. Simply complete this online form to begin serving those who have served us.

To locate Partners in your area just enter the abbreviation for a state. You can enter a city or a state in your search but not both.

Click on name of Organization for more details. When conducting a Search an interactive locater map will become available.

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