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In July of 2018 some 50 boat owners from Chicago Area Sail Racing Association (CASRA) agreed to give of their boats and themselves to take area Veterans and their families boating on Lake Michigan.


More than 250 Veterans registered for the event and participated in a day of fun, food, relaxation and comradery.


For 2019 Military Outreach USA, in partnership with CASRA and the Chicago Park District, will again be conducting a Veteran Boating Day.


We need your support to make this event a success!

The Value of Boating


Numerous studies have shown that boating provides a therapeutic value to those who participate in the activity.


Among our Veteran population, from WW2 to the current War on Terror, we know that a percentage of Veterans suffer from the invisible wounds of war ranging from Traumatic Brain Injury to PTSD to Moral Injury. Many also deal with loneliness and social isolation.


By participating in events such as Veteran Boating Day those who have served and their families are given the opportunity to break away from their personal issues and enjoy a summer day on the water.


Not only is the experience therapeutic for the Veterans and their families but for the boat captains. They walked away from the day with a sense of well being and having helped to serve those who have served us.


Military Outreach USA and its partners are anticipating an even more successful event in 2019 by creating a Lakeside event for more Veterans and family members than in 2018. We will only be able to do so with your help.

Sponsors Will Make It Happen


We have set four sponsor levels for you to chose from as you decide how much to contribute in support of Veteran Boating Day.


Platinum Level……….… $10,000+

Gold Level……………….. $5,000+

Silver Level………………..$2,500+

Bronze Level………………$1,000+

Donor………………………$   500+


All sponsors and donors will be acknowledged in Veteran Boating Day  publications, news releases, and social media prior to the event.


Sponsors will be acknowledged during the event and in all future publications and media releases after the event.


Consider making your commitment to not only share in this event but to show your support for the men and women who have worn the uniform of our nation in  military service.


Contact for more information on how you can help serve those who have served us.



You don't need to be on the ocean or one of the Great Lakes to help Veterans and their families enjoy outdoor activities.  Consider taking a Veteran fishing, hiking, kayaking or camping.


Many Recreational Therapy Departments or Voluntary Services at your local VA Medical Center will be pleased to work with you and offer suggestions as to how to make your event a success.


Make the effort and you will experience the reward of knowing that you have served those who have served us.